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Welcome everyone to my new podcast, Awesome Vegans with Elysabeth Alfano.  This podcast will feature in-depth interview with plant-based celebs, politicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, influencers, environmentalists, doctors, chefs, animal activists and so much more!  I am dedicated to exploring how certain individuals are making the world a better place for themselves, those around them, our environment and our animals through their food choices, practices and businesses. I really do believe that if we change what we eat, we change the world! Join me in my kitchen as I dish with the movers and shakers who are doing just that!

Feb 21, 2020

What food will add four years to your life?  What are the top five foods everyone should eat?  What do all recipes for longevity have in common?  From the Four Seasons-Santa Barbara, Blue Zones Founder and author of The Blue Zones Kitchen, Dan Buettner sits down with Elysabeth Alfano on her eponymous radio show, the only plant-based radio show in the nation, to dish on how Americans are forgoing 10-14 years of healthy longevity and how to fix this.  Plus, Chef Leslie Durso joins the conversation and brings them loads of delicious dishes to enjoy that are all plant-based and designed for #AgingBackwards…except that vegan Chocolate Cake with Chocolate and Cream Cheese Frosting!

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