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Welcome everyone to my new podcast, Awesome Vegans with Elysabeth Alfano.  This podcast will feature in-depth interview with plant-based celebs, politicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, influencers, environmentalists, doctors, chefs, animal activists and so much more!  I am dedicated to exploring how certain individuals are making the world a better place for themselves, those around them, our environment and our animals through their food choices, practices and businesses. I really do believe that if we change what we eat, we change the world! Join me in my kitchen as I dish with the movers and shakers who are doing just that!

Jul 7, 2021

What is the State of Plant-based Business? Julie Emmett of the Plant Based Foods Association and Caroline Bushnell of Good Food Institute join me on The Plantbased Business Hour to discuss exciting new data around plant-based trends and innovations and if plant-based meat will be 10% of the meat market in 3 years.

Jun 16, 2021

LIVE FROM BUHLER, North American HQ! As the U.S. heads back to the office and socialization, I take the Plantbased Business Hour on the road to meet with Anshuman Bhatia, Plant Protein Product Line Manager at Cargill, Matt McGuffey, Manager of Savory Taste and Wellbeing at Givaudan, Bill Aimutis, Executive Director of...

Apr 1, 2021

Kory Zelickson, CEO and CO-Founder of Vejii Holdings Inc, set to be the largest on-line retailer of vegan goods,  joins me on The Plantbased Business Hour to discuss the future of on-line shopping in a shifting and ever-complicated world.

For plant-based media/branding consulting and public speaking, reach out at...

Mar 24, 2021

Dan Altschuler Malek of Unovis Capital joins me on the Plantbased Business Hour with tips for both entrepreneurs and investors.

How To Pick A Winning Plant-based Start-Up? What valuations make sense? How important are numbers in a deck? We get into it all!

We discuss what Dan looks for in a founder, why he doesn't...

Feb 3, 2021

Fellow Consultant, Gerrit Scuhlmann of Bright Green Partners joins me (Plant Powered Consulting) on the Plantbased Business Hour to discuss the path forged by large scale companies in the plant-based arena.

We discuss 1) the increase in B2B plant-based supplies, 2) the role governments play in shifting supporting new...