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Welcome everyone to my new podcast, Awesome Vegans with Elysabeth Alfano.  This podcast will feature in-depth interview with plant-based celebs, politicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, influencers, environmentalists, doctors, chefs, animal activists and so much more!  I am dedicated to exploring how certain individuals are making the world a better place for themselves, those around them, our environment and our animals through their food choices, practices and businesses. I really do believe that if we change what we eat, we change the world! Join me in my kitchen as I dish with the movers and shakers who are doing just that!

May 11, 2023

Mr. Plant Chompers, Chris MacAskill, joins me on The Plantbased Business Hour with Elysabeth Alfano to share why he created the super popular YouTube Channel Plant Chompers.

Often getting over 100k views, Chris talks about health and the science behind the health to help consumers understand the underpinnings of a healthy diet.

We will also discuss the business elements that can further misinformation. It's a very fun and nerdy Plantbased Business Hour!

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