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Welcome everyone to my new podcast, Awesome Vegans with Elysabeth Alfano.  This podcast will feature in-depth interview with plant-based celebs, politicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, influencers, environmentalists, doctors, chefs, animal activists and so much more!  I am dedicated to exploring how certain individuals are making the world a better place for themselves, those around them, our environment and our animals through their food choices, practices and businesses. I really do believe that if we change what we eat, we change the world! Join me in my kitchen as I dish with the movers and shakers who are doing just that!

Dec 2, 2019

Fearless Vegan Evan, President of Animal Hero Kids, challenges President Trump to go vegan in the month of January. If he does, Evan and the organization that backs him and several other kids, Million Dollar Vegan, will donate $1million to veterans. I got the scoop live from New York! 

Evan says that going vegan will turn America into a solutionary country; a country that addesses climate change, food shortages and its own raging health issues.  Indeed, being a sick country makes us a less productive country and it is bankrupting our medical system.  Evan discusses the power of going vegan for the planet, the climate crisis, our draining resources, our debilitating health issues and, of course, for the animals.

Share this post to help spread the word to encourage President Trump to make the deal and take $1 Million for Veterans. He’ll get a boost for his own health and he’ll Make America Healthy Again. Now that’s a great deal!

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